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The Pack is Growing!

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

For the Horde!

The note written in a crisp Orcish rune by the Stormcaller’s own hand flutters in the Durotar breeze as it waves back and forth on the messsage totem, inviting you to read.

Ash and Fang!

Congratulations to our recent promotions from Youngblood to Bloodpaw:
Nagyevron (Gyev)

and from Bloodpaw to Wolf Guard
Apothecary Lae

I am honored to be able to decorate each one of you for your service above and beyond the call of the Horde. May you all serve the Warchief well with your new station.

We continue to receive new recruits, and work toward our end of destroying the Lich King. Should you encounter brave warriors who might be a fitting addition to our Pack in your travels, be sure to send them to the Keep for review.


((The Storm Wölves are recruiting; if you are interested in RP and would like to be considered for membership, see our forums (click on the forums button to the right or go to the website link here. After you’ve registered for an account, read the Laws of the Pack and sign, and then apply via the totem in the Blackwolf Keep Forum. We are a heavy RP guild and we expect RP in everything including your application! See any Storm Wölf in game if you have questions.))

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