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AVALANCHE! – the saga begins….

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Sindragosa, Queen of the Frostwyrm Brood

The Lich King paced his chamber, tendrils of frost rising from what parts of his once-bright blonde hair peeked out from underneath the heavy helm he always wore. Presently a door opened into the room and a lich glided in noiselessly, coming to stop a few feet before his Master.

“What is happening down there?”

The lich immediately folded over, making soft simpering sounds. “They managed to kill their way into the Wyrm wing, but Sindragosa has thrown them back, sire…” Surprisingly, the master’s response came quickly.

Cold, cruel laughter rang through the chamber and out into the frozen halls.

“A family reunion. How utterly charming….”

“They’ve headed for the entrance, sire,” the lich protested, wondering if it was about to be punished. The Lich King waved him off.

“They will return with more Storm Wolves, and when they do, we will be prepared for all of them. Send me Deathwhisper. We have work to do.”

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