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The End Begins

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

The Avalanche! story arc continues with the betrayal of the Stormcaller from within the Wolf ranks — by her own apprentice, Avare Emberwind, corrupted by an Old God. Death Knights continue to wreak havoc inside and outside the guild, along with an attack on Highlord Fordring himself at the hands of the Wolf Guard Zelinda. Wolf Guard Arzulia has been attacked — and compromised — by the San’layn Prince Valanaar. Silverpaw and Knight-Lord Tathlyn continues to battle for his very soul as he tries to create the weapon to destroy the Lich King. Silverpaw Cruentol, Long Fang Alithana, Long Fang Valdaya and many other Storm Wolves face their pasts, and their futures, all at once.

Read these and other stories in The Den or come into game (Scarlet Crusade US server) to roleplay them in real time with the Wolf organization!

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