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The End is Near!

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010


The knocking at the door was insistent, and almost frantic. Aglin rose from the chair she had set near the fire and crossed the dirt floor toward the simple wooden doorway, surprised that anyone would come up from the village to bother her given what everyone in Garadar knew had happened to her in Northrend.

As she opened the door, a young orc shaman, one of the Lightning Sons’ apprentices, almost fell on top of her. He backed away with surprise and touched a hand to his heart, then bowed into the salute. “Stormcaller, I hesitate to bother you when I know that you are unwell –”

Aglin saw the look on his face, and further, her keen eyes were already gazing past him and down the windmill path into the village center, where she could see many wolfriders massing. “Something is wrong.”

“It is not you, great one! I swear it!” the orc blurted out almost fearfully. “We know that you still walk with the Horde and will protect us. Greatmother sends for you. The Warchief is coming.”

The Stormcaller nodded and smiled a bit. “Ah, Thrall’s coming back again. It has been a few months since they visited, no?”

The orc’s head shook slowly from side to side. “He is not coming to speak with the Greatmother, Stormcaller. He is going to the Throne of the Elements, and Greatmother wants you to accompany me there to meet him. The elements in Azeroth are…”

One white eyebrow arched skyward as Aglin tilted her head against a sudden, dark laughter somewhere in the back of her mind. “The elements are what?”

“We don’t know,” he answered. “That is what the Warchief is here to find out.”

“I will come,” the Stormcaller answered. “One moment. I need to inform the Wolves.”

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