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Avalanche: The Lich King is Dead (Long Live the Lich King)

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Warmaster Jurasa, Silverpaw Melanora, Long Fang Terpin, Wolf Guards Agrimony, Awie, Gyev, Praitaq and Zunji; and Wolf Friends Spurn and Viza - Click for a bigger image

Warmaster Jurasa, Silverpaw Melanora, Long Fang Terpin, Wolf Guards Agrimony, Awie, Gyev, Praitaq and Zunji; and Wolf Friends Spurn and Viza - Click for a bigger image

Ash and Fang!

It has been learned that the Storm Wolves organization has been instrumental in the destruction of the Lich King Arthas Menethil within the upper reaches of the Icecrown Citadel in Northrend.

Congratulations to the mighty warriors who over time all assisted in bringing down the tyrant king, including but not limited to:
- Warmaster Jurasa and Long Fang Valdaya who created this particular Vigilante Wolf Team

- Vigilante Wolf Team regular members Argusel, Arzulia, Awie, Callalilli, Chakor, Gyev, Melanora, Nambey, Rothran, Seikolos, Xulihazi, Winterhaven, Zelinda

- Vigilante Wolf Team reservists (and their alts, including) Aglin, Agami, Agassou, Agrimony, Alithana, Annyia, Asterias, Beest, Charlton, Hallorn, Healfire, Jamethial, Jawedoff, Kyleadreth, Moireld, Scordatura, Takret, Tathlyn, Terpin

- Wolf Friends (regulars and reservists and their alts, including) Algora, Frostbiter, Formaggio, Galnath, Ixnextli, Kedemoth, Macias, Nublug, Orack, Rehvenge, Retromind, Ryldril, Spurn, Viza, Xanrus, Zsadistic

And any other fine member of the Horde I may have neglected to mention.

May your enemies continue to see your first strike as well as your last as their final vision. Warchief Garrosh sends his great regards. I will make certain that Warchief Thrall and the Stormcaller are notified immediately of our successes.

Until Ash!

((ALL WOLVES are invited to take part in The Den stories if they wish to write or participate in an RP about their roles in the death of the Lich King. Since we had Kingslayers in multiple raids on different days, for RP purposes we are going to assume that all Wolf Kingslayers and those who participated in attempts who aren’t Wolves but want to RP with us were present at the same assault, that is, in “real life” in Azeroth, more than 10 Wolves were present). Enjoy! Congratulations to the first four Kingslayers: Silverpaw Tathlyn and Wolf Guards Asterias, Jawedoff and Agassou; and the second ten: Warmaster Jurasa, Silverpaw Melanora, Long Fang Terpin, Wolf Guards Agrimony, Awie, Gyev, Praitaq and Zunji; and Wolf Friends Spurn and Viza.))

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A Dire Wolf for Dire Times

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

The New Warchief

The New Warchief

Ash and Fang unto the Storm Wolves of the Horde!

I am sending this missive back to Azeroth with the understanding that it constitutes my final act as the leader of our organization. As the time has come for the Horde to acquire a new Warchief, so the time has come for me to pass the Wolf banner to one who can serve our new Warchief in ways that I cannot.

As of this day, Agrata Four-Killer, of the Shattered Hand Clan of Outland, has been named to the position of Great Wolf, as Wolf Khan Volk and Wolf Lord Gog once were and all the others before them. For as your Stormcaller I never truly was Great Wolf; I only held the position of Stormcaller, at the request of Tojiro Wolfsong and Warchief Thrall until such time as the banner could be carried again by one of the Horde’s champions. That champion has been chosen, and she has been instructed personally by myself, Warchief Thrall and Warchief Garrosh, to serve the Storm Wolves in any and all capacities you require, Until Ash.

Since we respect our traditions, each new leader of our clan receives a new title befitting their station and the calling of their particular leadership. The wisdom of Thrall has decreed that our new Great Wolf shall be known as The Dire Wolf, in keeping with the dire situation we find our world within today. We ask that you accept this change in leadership just as your strength and courage is needed to support our new, young Warchief in this troubling time of need.

I will continue to abide in Nagrand with Warchief Thrall until such time as we are able to gain an audience with the elements and learn something of us. In my absence, you will be well-served by an orc with extensive knowledge of our Horde culture, who also spent part of her history within the Crimson Ring and thus knows something of warfare against the Alliance and also the criminal elements of Azeroth. Her presence in Orgrimmar as a non-Azerothian orc will also lend wisdom to our new Warchief, and should ease our ability to serve a second Warchief and the Horde as fully as we have ever done. The Storm Wolves will be greatly needed in this time, perhaps even more than we have been against the various threats to our north and east. I trust that all of you will continue to make me, and your Warchief no matter his name or origin, proud.

Until Ash, Stormcaller I remain, and Great Wolf no more.
May the Dire Wolf be successful in all battles.

Aglin Vani Da’Lorenn of Eldarath and Garadar
Vanyagosa of the Wyrmrest Accord

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