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Yes. Naming conventions on RP servers ARE real. And enforced!

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

Agassou wrote a letter to the Blizzard Elementals, demanding to know why all the parents of Azeroth have started naming their children strange names like Zxxydeszys and various other naughty terms that are unfit to print in a public area.

And lo and behold, an answer came from on high!


Ah be hearin’ ya, mon, dem parens’ be givin’ dey kids de stranges’ names des days >.< Ah use' ta be thinkin dees crazy names be reserved fo' da offspring of dem big-name celebrity types, ah guessin' ah be wrong dere. Neva-tha-less, ah be thankin ya fo bringin' dis ta me. Ah gonna be lookin in ta dees names, and be doin' whas right. ((What is this world coming to, Agassou? Thank you for bringing this list of names to my attention. I will be investigating and taking the appropriate action, though due to our Privacy Policy I will not be able to reveal any details of what I've done.)) ((If you have any further questions, please select the 'Need More Help' option and we will be glad to help.)) Regards, Game Master Morikondus Customer Services Blizzard Entertainment

Morikondus, we salute you. ASH AND FANG!!!!!

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