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The WoWFactor Comes to Scarlet Crusade!

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

This past Saturday (14 April), WoWFactor paid a visit to Scarlet Crusade, for a transmog-set fashion show. A number of Storm Wolves were in attendance, but none entered the contest. (I would’ve entered myself, but was late for the first round, alas….) Some Wolf-Friends, including former Wolf Tathlyn and Wolf-friend Xanrus won prizes, however, and so did about two dozen others on the server. Great creativity on Scarlet Crusade!

You can see Keelhaul’s report on the show by clicking here.

I’m told Xan will be hosting an Alliance-side event soon. Red Claw, gear up!


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Call to Arms!

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

‘Ey Dere Wolv’s!

De Long Fang Isandra be call’n joo to battle. It be look’n like a tough bat’l. Steel jorselves an’ lend jor blades!

Put Jor Mahrk Here! The Night Owl Raid

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