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Until Ash…

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

The darkness was suddenly filled with fire.

Agami Phoenixwing Runebreaker leapt from the kneeling rail in front of the Crusaders’ Chapel as something huge and fiery roared past her and slammed into the altar. Fire and splintered wood showered everywhere, propelling the paladin outward from the blast with deadly force. It was as if heaven itself had fallen into her world —


The half-elf shook her head and opened her eyes. Soft morning light filtered through the colored glass in the windows high above her bunk. Another knock and a call came from the door, and she leaned over to put two bare feet on the stone floor, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.


A squire unlatched the heavy wooden door and stepped into the commander’s bunkroom, carrying a book. “Joining us for sunrise prayers, ma’am? Is everything all right?”

“I had a bad dream, is all,” Agami muttered. “A star fell…”

[[Excited about the coming of another great Blizzard game to hang out in. We’ll see you in Diablo III if we don’t see you in Azeroth! “Until Ash” just got a little bit more realistic….]]

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