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Come to the Kosh’harg! ((Cross-server RP Event, March 20, 2014))

Friday, March 14th, 2014

The wolf rider brought a copy of the ceremonial lambskin right up to the goblins standing outside the Blackwolf Keep door, who were sitting there in the shade taking a break from what seemed to be the repair work that never ended.

“Lok’tar Ogar! I need to see the Stormcaller!” he called out.

One of the goblins waved a few fingers, mostly the offensive ones, in the orc’s direction. “Stormcaller ain’t here no more, greenie. She took off for Pandaria months ago. All we see is orders and money to pay for them.”

The messenger clutched the lambskin a little more closely. “Then this message must be delivered to the Dire Wolf, immediately.”

The second goblin burst into a cackle. “Guess you didn’t hear about what happened when she tried to punch Garrosh in the mouth, did you?” Continuing despite the messenger’s shocked expression, the goblin shook his head. “She got kicked out of the city. But we can get a message to her if you like, if you know what I mean….” His long, green fingers curled up as if stroking the bag of coins hanging openly from the messenger’s waist.

“There is a gathering in Nagrand,” the messenger continued, ignoring the unsubtle hint. “Kosh’harg commences in one week. See to it that the Storm Wolves are informed!”

“A gathering,” said the first goblin, taking the lambskin from the messenger and wincing in pain when he got a rap across his knuckles for trying to peek under the seal, “You mean a meetin’, or a party?”

“Meeting, party, battle, ceremony, ritual, a gathering of the Horde! All these things!” The messenger grinned. “You should come. All the Horde should come!”

“A party? Well, why didn’t you say so in the first place? We’ll get this to the Dire Wolf at once. Ash and – um – what was it they say?”

“Ash and Fang!” finished the other goblin with a playful shove and a laugh. “Time off work! Lok’tar o-gar indeed!”

See the official posting at the World of Warcraft website for all details and how to sign up. The Wolves will be in attendance, led by Agrata Four-Killer the Dire Wolf.

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Mists ((new Wolf RP arc – welcome to Mists of Pandaria expansion!))

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Goodbye Theramore

“They’ve portaled out! Send in the zeppelin!”

Agrata Four-Killer crouched behind a stone as the zeppelin’s shadow crossed the shallow bay between their position and the Isle of Theramore. Behind her, Kor’kron and members of the new Shattered Hand waited as the airship maneuvered into position. All the orcs were uneasy, hoping that the distraction caused by the forward teams would keep Alliance eyes from the sky until the payload could be dropped.

She tensed, then lowered herself behind the rock as the airship reached a point just above the island’s central area. Agrata had no love of explosives, and less love for the goblins who delivered them. The last time she’d been near a bomb, she’d ended up face-down in a trench from the backdraft, and she had no intention of repeating the experience.

When the explosion came, it was like nothing she had ever experienced. First there was a hissing sound, and then…nothing. The Dire Wolf leaned forward and cautiously poked her head above the rock, snarling. “Didn’t they test the bomb? Hellscream will have their heads –”

Blue and purple light flashed everywhere, and Agrata was blind. Instinctively she flattened herself to the ground, waiting for a backdraft that never came, and heat that never rose. The only sound she could make out was the crashing of stone, and a thin wail she could not place, until she realized it was coming from behind her.

The magic-users in the scouting force, every single one of them, were curled up on the ground, twitching and babbling.

The orc’s eyes narrowed, and she crawled over to the place where a few other scouts had taken cover. “What is this? Magic?”

A blood elf’s haughty laughter broke over the crashing sound coming from the island. “Oh, oh oh. Magic, yes. The best sort of magic, my dear orc. A magic bomb.”

“A what?”

“A mana bomb. A concentrated pile of magic, designed to destroy people and leave everything else intact. We used them in Outland. Brutal, but extremely effective….”

Agrata thought quietly a moment. “Does Hellscream know you used this…mana bomb…against Theramore?”

“Of course he does, darling. It was his idea. Send the Archmage to hell with her own power. The irony is delicious, don’t you think?” The blood elf reached up and wiped at a bit of blood coming out of his nose. “Hm, seems to be working. I’m feeling it even this far away!”

The Dire Wolf stood up and looked at the island of Theramore, now that the blast wave, or whatever it was, had passed them. After several long minutes, she turned and headed back toward the place where she’d left her riding wolf.

“Where are you going?” the blood elf scout called out behind her. “Aren’t you coming with us? We’re going to go over and pillage. How very savage!”

All Agrata could think about was how she was going to explain this to the Stormcaller.

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Until Ash…

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

The darkness was suddenly filled with fire.

Agami Phoenixwing Runebreaker leapt from the kneeling rail in front of the Crusaders’ Chapel as something huge and fiery roared past her and slammed into the altar. Fire and splintered wood showered everywhere, propelling the paladin outward from the blast with deadly force. It was as if heaven itself had fallen into her world —


The half-elf shook her head and opened her eyes. Soft morning light filtered through the colored glass in the windows high above her bunk. Another knock and a call came from the door, and she leaned over to put two bare feet on the stone floor, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.


A squire unlatched the heavy wooden door and stepped into the commander’s bunkroom, carrying a book. “Joining us for sunrise prayers, ma’am? Is everything all right?”

“I had a bad dream, is all,” Agami muttered. “A star fell…”

[[Excited about the coming of another great Blizzard game to hang out in. We’ll see you in Diablo III if we don’t see you in Azeroth! “Until Ash” just got a little bit more realistic….]]

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Call to Arms!

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

‘Ey Dere Wolv’s!

De Long Fang Isandra be call’n joo to battle. It be look’n like a tough bat’l. Steel jorselves an’ lend jor blades!

Put Jor Mahrk Here! The Night Owl Raid

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Call to Arms!

Friday, March 16th, 2012

CTA - BannerNew
‘Ey Dere Wolv’s

De Long Fang Nambs be call’n joo! De Eart’wardas minions need’n to taste our blades!

Put jor mahrk ‘ere! Bear Necessities

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