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Come to the Kosh’harg! ((Cross-server RP Event, March 20, 2014))

Friday, March 14th, 2014

The wolf rider brought a copy of the ceremonial lambskin right up to the goblins standing outside the Blackwolf Keep door, who were sitting there in the shade taking a break from what seemed to be the repair work that never ended.

“Lok’tar Ogar! I need to see the Stormcaller!” he called out.

One of the goblins waved a few fingers, mostly the offensive ones, in the orc’s direction. “Stormcaller ain’t here no more, greenie. She took off for Pandaria months ago. All we see is orders and money to pay for them.”

The messenger clutched the lambskin a little more closely. “Then this message must be delivered to the Dire Wolf, immediately.”

The second goblin burst into a cackle. “Guess you didn’t hear about what happened when she tried to punch Garrosh in the mouth, did you?” Continuing despite the messenger’s shocked expression, the goblin shook his head. “She got kicked out of the city. But we can get a message to her if you like, if you know what I mean….” His long, green fingers curled up as if stroking the bag of coins hanging openly from the messenger’s waist.

“There is a gathering in Nagrand,” the messenger continued, ignoring the unsubtle hint. “Kosh’harg commences in one week. See to it that the Storm Wolves are informed!”

“A gathering,” said the first goblin, taking the lambskin from the messenger and wincing in pain when he got a rap across his knuckles for trying to peek under the seal, “You mean a meetin’, or a party?”

“Meeting, party, battle, ceremony, ritual, a gathering of the Horde! All these things!” The messenger grinned. “You should come. All the Horde should come!”

“A party? Well, why didn’t you say so in the first place? We’ll get this to the Dire Wolf at once. Ash and – um – what was it they say?”

“Ash and Fang!” finished the other goblin with a playful shove and a laugh. “Time off work! Lok’tar o-gar indeed!”

See the official posting at the World of Warcraft website for all details and how to sign up. The Wolves will be in attendance, led by Agrata Four-Killer the Dire Wolf.

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The WoWFactor Comes to Scarlet Crusade!

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

This past Saturday (14 April), WoWFactor paid a visit to Scarlet Crusade, for a transmog-set fashion show. A number of Storm Wolves were in attendance, but none entered the contest. (I would’ve entered myself, but was late for the first round, alas….) Some Wolf-Friends, including former Wolf Tathlyn and Wolf-friend Xanrus won prizes, however, and so did about two dozen others on the server. Great creativity on Scarlet Crusade!

You can see Keelhaul’s report on the show by clicking here.

I’m told Xan will be hosting an Alliance-side event soon. Red Claw, gear up!


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