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Call to Arms!

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

‘Ey Dere Wolv’s!

De Long Fang Isandra be call’n joo to battle. It be look’n like a tough bat’l. Steel jorselves an’ lend jor blades!

Put Jor Mahrk Here! The Night Owl Raid

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Forums and Blog are fixed!

Monday, October 19th, 2009

The problems we had since Friday have been fixed. Sorry for any difficulty; it took the heroic ISP team some time to track down our database errors.

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Exciting things…

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

((Note: while this is an RP guild, unless otherwise noted, all posts in the blog are OOC.  Azeroth has no internet, after all…))

I’ll post screenshots once I get them edited down into sizes I can use here, but I’m delighted to report that the Wolf Raiders took down THREE Keepers last week in Ulduar.  Freya, Hodir and Thorim have all decided to help us out against the terrors of Yogg-Saron.  Congratulations to Warmaster Jurasa and the crack teams, as several different groups of Wolves and our friends and allies ganged up to make this happen.

On Sunday night, Tathlyn led a group of ten into the Trial of the Crusader, and four attempts later, the Northrend Beasts were destroyed.  Congratulations to Draco and Agami for winning our guild’s first tier-9 content gear.  We intend to make this a weekly foray, so if you’re interested check the Warmaster’s forum for signups.  All Wolves and our allies are welcome to sign up.

We had a guild meeting on Thursday evening and discussed some future RP events including the ongoing Saturday night RP events in Thunder Bluff (9pm every Saturday) and some plans for September events.  Watch this space and the in-game calendar for more details!

The Darkspear is inviting all Wolves to join them in an IN-character Zul’Aman run on Friday night.  Be there!  Signups on the in-game calendar or contact Ixnextli/Caeljin for more information.

Join us on the forums!  (click the Forums button to the right).  Lots of fun to be had…between talking about all the Cataclysm-related news and everything else going on.

See you in game!

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